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dialogep's podcast

Apr 25, 2022

Since we seem to be heading in the accepting phase and direction of the World's latest Pandemic it is time to work on Self......

Mar 6, 2021

Mandy and Lorenzo get into the Divine Masculine and define what a Cosmic Body is....

Feb 17, 2021

Mandy Shantyne Lopez discusses Spiritualism and how very necessary it is with her guest Lorenzo Rodriguez 

Dec 3, 2020

Cosmic Woman Mandy Shantyne Lopez and Special Guest Christi Conde finish up their 3 part discussion of how to look at the times we are in.........

Oct 20, 2020

This is Part 2 of "End Times or New Beginnings with Christi Conde who is a Reiki Master and has 25 years of experience in Wellness.