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dialogep's podcast

Sep 17, 2021

Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl  Media Relations Director keeps us up to date on all that is the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl Events.  And you can win tickets to the game.......

Sep 9, 2021

So here we go into the second week of the College Football season and your chance to win tickets to the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl. And as always Sun Bowl Media Relations Director Eddie Morelos tells us about all that is happening.......

Sep 6, 2021

So did you go to and get in the chance to win tickets to this year's game?????

Aug 27, 2021

As of right now, Yes there will be a Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl and with that said we begin Season 3 Episode 1 of the Tony the Tiger Sun bowl with Eddie  Morelos the  Media Relations Director of the Sun Bowl  Association.  And Just in time for the official start of College Football USA

Dec 4, 2020

Well it was just a matter of time before the reality of COVID19 made this decision about El Paso's National Sports event necessary.......