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dialogep's podcast

Aug 10, 2022

Abel gets an update of what has been happening with signing the Petition to place the 400 Million dollars request by UMC without much Public input......

Jul 4, 2022

I talk with George Zavala, Advocate and Activist for the Disabled Community about problems with Sun Metro's Lyft System and the age of the buses used to transport El Paso's Disabled Community.....

Apr 15, 2022

Annie's Adventures interviewed a Guy who know a lot about Gems, Stephen Franco from One World Gems. A Social Activist Jackie Frontera FOLX about contraception and Dom The Bom of Dom's Vegan.  Great Show take a listen.

Feb 15, 2022

Emily Juaregui and Hector Montes creators of Latinos Matter@ Twitter talking Politica......